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Utah's Comedy Clubs & Mics

Utah has a great Stand-Up Scene!

Unique audiences too! Mormons - anti-Mormons.Tongans & Somoans too! California immigrants & Mexicans! Who doesn't love Mexicans?! I love 'em! I do!

There's a lot of cool comedy clubs in Utah. While you're here, check out Electric Comedy's list of:

Comedy Clubs & Open Mics in Utah:

Comedy Clubs

Boxcar Comedy

Comedy Church with Adam & Greg

Dry Bar Comedy Club

Happy Valley Comedy

Wise Guys Comedy Club

Open Mics

Monday @ Boxcar Comedy

Tuesday Bucket List @ Wise Guys

Wednesday Main Room @ Wise Guys (email in advance)

Thursday Fool's Gold - K.E. Stone @ Copper Miner Saloon in Magna

Ja Ja Ja!

Val Douroux

Electric Comedy

Comedian & Executive Producer


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