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Comic of the Month⚡️Lionel Harris

With a Dry Bar special on the rise, we interviewed Comedian Lionel Harris to share his journey on the road of Stand-Up comedy and what keeps him going everyday:

Where does your comedy journey begin?

I'm originally from Richmond, VA. I know this isn't every comedian's journey but I actually was the class clown. I lived to make others laugh and would step out and host the school talent shows and starred in the school play, etc. I've always had a knack for writing which has given me access in a few artforms. I ended up settling into filmmaking and comedy primarily as an adult.

What inspired you to do comedy?

I started making comedic shorts in college until I entered the 48-Hour Film competition a few years later. This is the competition where you're assigned a prop, line of dialogue, and characters on the spot and told to make a film in 48 Hours. My team and I were assigned the comedy genre and ended up winning the audience favorite for my city. I won awards for writing and directing as well. That's when I knew I wasn't just funny within my circle of friends. Once I got some courage, I worked up the nerve to start starring in what I was writing and then produced some sketch shows for local TV. The last thing to conquer was standup. I was working in LA and went to an open mic that went so well I was invited back. That put me on a high that I never came down from.

What are your dreams?

My dreams are to create and have a vehicle, whether it be a show or something popular people can go to that will allow me to do more as a headlining stand up. I'm currently developing a comedy pilot with my reps, and my dream is this will be the door to open those possibilities.

What inspires you every day?

I find myself looking to my faith, foundation, and family often for my "why." I feel that one of the secrets to life is to simply not quit. That there is a reward for pressing forward. If I am right, the reward will be great.

Where do you see yourself in 10 Years?

I see myself in the WGA, DGA, and naming my price for appearances. I also see myself in a position to give someone else a shot. I see my family and circle thriving.

Where can we catch you performing now?

You can find me performing just about anywhere. The more regular gigs are on the east coast and can range from clubs to random venues. Dry Bar:

What's on the horizon?

I've been interviewing for some staff writing gigs. If those come through, then you may see my name on the credits of one of your favorite comedies coming up soon.

Where can we find you?

I have a Dry Bar Special:

I'm on Youtube at The best place to find me is my namesake,


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