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Comic of the Month⚡️Ed John

Where does your journey begin?

“My journey begins every morning when I wake up. I start my day at the gym because health and getting back into shape is my #1 goal. So that’s where I start my daily journey.”

What inspires you to do comedy?

“What inspired me to do comedy was being around close friends who I always enjoyed making laugh, being apart of their laughs, and watching there whole person light up just before they smiled and laughed. I figured I could do that for larger groups of people. So I went for it, I was inspired to get into stand up comedy.”

What are your dreams?

“Dreams?! I don’t know if I really ever dream anymore. I mean I go to sleep and thoughts race through my head, sure. But I don’t know if I really dream. I’ve got personal goals, but those are going to happen. So I guess I have plans, and not dreams.”

What motivates you to do this every day?

“What motivates me from a stand-up perspective is the idea that I have to keep my mind, my ears, my eyes, my feelings and emotions all fresh. I capture inspiration for my material through my senses. I figured if doing stand up will keep my senses energized, then that’s motivation enough.”

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

“Good question. Hopefully retired from working a nine-to-five. Doing stand up as the urges hit me, spending meaningful time with my family and close friends.”

Where can we catch you performing now?

“Hopefully at Electric Comedy.”

What's on the horizon?

“I’m thinking of relocating. Maybe back east to North Carolina.”

Where can we find you on social media?

"I deleted social media."

Woo hoo!

Created & compiled by Brynn Swavely.


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